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Atlas Primer Pricing

Find a plan that fits your goals!

Use Atlas Primer for free or try one of our plans.
Easy to cancel anytime!


Upload three documents, websites, or recordings per month for free!

$0 per month


Upload as much as you want, as often as you want, for you alone or to share with friends.

$20 per month


Supercharge your organization and ensure important information reaches everyone.

Usage-based pricing

Compare plans

Upload documents, websites and recordings

Upload character limit

Turn any text to speech - also images and charts!

Ask Atlas - Have all your questions answered

Generate quizzes for any topic

Generate flashcards from any material

Save spoken notes while listening

Transcribe your speech instead of writing

Select from a number of premium AI voices

Adjust listening speed to your comfort

Read along while listening

Listen anywhere with our mobile app

Interact through a voice interface

We upload the materials for you

Support level




per month

$0 per month

25 Thousand Characters

(≈10 pages) per upload


Forum, email

Not available


$20 per month


(≈400 pages) per upload

1 Million Characters

Not available

Forum, priority email, telephone hotline





Premium for all users plus a dedicated account manager


Usage-based pricing

Click here if you're looking for the 2023 pricing.

We have a plan for everyone! Be it students and lifelong learners who want to make the most of their learning, or organizations who want to unlock the productivity of audio while embracing diversity and inclusion.

Atlas Primer Free allows you to upload and listen to documents, websites, and recordings. Perfect for those who want to untether themselves from their books or computer screens.


Atlas Primer Premium enables unlimited uploads and increases the character conversion limit from the free level of 25,000 (around 10 pages) to a whopping 1 Million characters! That's 40X the standard limit or around 400 pages, allowing the most studious individuals to convert a full body of knowledge in one go.

Atlas Primer Enterprise gives every employee full access to the complete functionality of Atlas Primer. It includes dedicated support and onboarding assistance and is perfect for inclusive organizations who want all their employees to have access to important information.


Download our app to try it for yourself:

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