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Atlas Primer Pricing

Unlimited audio learning

Pricing for all budgets. Casually use it for free or get the full unlimited learning experience.

Text to Speech Conversions

Summarize Documents

Character Limit

Create Audio Quizzes

Create Audio Flashcards

Take Spoken Notes

Transcribe Speech

Upload Recorded Audio & Video

Listen Anytime & Anywhere

Select Speaking Voices

Adjust Listening Speed



2 conversions

per day

2 summaries

per day

per conversion






1 Million

per conversion

$12.99 per month

Download our app to try the plans

The Unlimited plan is for the students and lifelong learners who want to make the most of audio learning

Atlas Primer Unlimited allows you to convert as many files, readings and documents as you want. Every day! Perfect for students of reading intense courses who want to untether themselves from their books or computer screens.


Atlas Primer Unlimited increases the character conversion limit from the base level of 100,000 (around 20,000 words, or 40 pages) to a whopping 1 Million characters.

10X the standard limit, allowing the most studious individuals to convert full research papers in one conversion.

Atlas Primer Unlimited also gives full boundless access to the suite of Atlas Primer audio study tools.

With Unlimited you will be able to create as many audio quizzes and flash cards as you want in a day. You will be able to use our voice transcribing and save and organise as many audio notes as you want. 

You will also have endless access to our document summarisation tool.


Unlimited also still gives you access to all of the existing elements that allow you to fully customise and personalise you audio learning experience.

Download our app to try it for yourself:

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