Our goal

Atlas Primer was founded on the vision of creating a learning environment that combined the accessibility and convenience of audiobooks and podcasts, with the interactivity and flexibility offered by Voice Assistants and Smart Devices.


The primary goal of Atlas Primer is to increase the availability of quality education through the use of technology, by increasing access, usability and automation. Our approach allows the creation of interactive learning environments with even the simplest of devices and in the most remote locations.

Our Team

Awolad Hossain


Lead Developer and Release Manager

Awolad is a Developer and an Engineer. He has solid leadership skills and has experience in a number of different technologies ranging from Operating Systems to Web Applications. Awolad has been instrumental in the realization of Atlas Primer. 

Brynjar Thor Thorsteinsson


CMO, Partner

Brynjar is an Educator and an Expert in Marketing and Branding. He has taught hybrid undergraduate and graduate level courses since 2014, and is an Expert in the practical application of technology in education. Brynjar holds a M.Sc. degree in International Business Studies and a B. Sc. degree in Business Administration.

Hinrik Josafat Atlason


CEO, Founder

Hinrik is an Educator and an A.I. Specialist. In the past 13 years he has instructed in several academic and corporate courses, and is an avid advocate for the use of technology in education. Hinrik holds a M.Sc. degree (with distinction) in A.I. and a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science.

Hrefna Sigridur Briem


CFO, Partner

Hrefna has over a decade of experience as Director in higher education. She has an impressive track record as a Supervisor and Member of various comities and organizations, devoted to the betterment of education. Hrefna holds a M.Sc. degree in Business Administration and is also an AMP graduate of the renowned IESE Business School.

Kathya Sarria Campbell


Lead VUX Designer and QA Manager

Kathya has a unique background in designing Voice User Experiences and in the Quality Assurance of Voice applications. She has a solid background in Web Design and has an extraordinary sense for process improvements. Kathya holds a B.Sc. degree in Systems Engineering.

Lars Kristian Schunk


CTO, Partner

Lars is an experienced I.T. Architect and CTO. He has been responsible for the realization of complex architectures and the implementation of novel assistive technology applications. Lars has a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and is also a graduate of the Copenhagen Business School.

Octavio Menocal


Voice Architect

Octavio is widely recognized as a leading Expert in Voice Applications. He co-developed some of the earliest applications for Voice Assistants and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and podcasts. Octavio is a Software Engineer by education and a 5 x certified AWS expert.

Roland Jacob Patalinjug


Voice Developer

Roland is the original Developer behind the first versions of Atlas Primer. He has worked on a vast number of different applications for Voice Assistants, ranging from the simple to the most elaborate. Roland holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and is a certified AWS expert.

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