About Atlas Primer

Atlas Primer was founded on the vision of making learning material accessible with the same convenience as audiobooks and podcasts, but with the interactivity of voice assistants. The audio medium allows the content to reach even the simplest of devices and the most remote locations, even the ones served by low or medium speed internet. This enhances remote learning, makes it more engaging and helps bring quality education to more people across the globe.

Our Team

Lead Voice Developer

Awolad Hossain

CMO, Partner

Brynjar Thor Thorsteinsson

CFO, Partner

Hrefna Sigridur Briem

CEO, Founder

Hinrik Josafat Atlason

Quality Assurance

Kathya Sarria

CTO, Partner

Lars Kristian Schunk

Voice Architect

Octavio Menocal

Voice Developer

Roland Jacob Patalinjug

Lead Web Developer

Dmitriy Sushko

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