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Capture the Value from Corporate Knowledge


Reduce Training Overhead by 100x


Record Speech or Upload Existing Materials

Your subject matter experts are busy people but speaking into a microphone for a minute or uploading existing documentation, fits even the tightest schedule.


Our AI Turns It Into A Complete Course While You Relax

Atlas Primer creates a pedagogically sound course structure for you, and all the lectures, quizzes etc., which you can make available for onboarding or upskilling.


Atlas Primer Helps You Share It and Drive Engagement

Each course has a unique link and QR code which you can easily share with coworkers who can learn anytime and anywhere on their own schedule.

Atlas Primer is your Unfair Advantage

Reduce Cost

Course production time goes from weeks to minutes, and the overall cost can be reduced by 100x! Easily capturing valuable experiences helps retain them inside the company when employees churn, which increases operational efficiency.

Capture More Knowledge

Approximately 80% of corporate knowledge is tacit, e.g., experiences, intuitions, and gut feelings. Atlas Primer captures that while traditional courses on other platforms only scratch the surface.

Engage Learners

Our state-of-the-art platform automatically creates a pedagogically sound course structure, engaging lectures, quizzes and flashcards. With interactive audio learning, learners can go through more materials and learn anytime and anywhere.

Increase Accessibility

Approximately 20% of your coworkers are neurodivergent (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD, autism) and have different learning styles. Atlas Primer is grounded in universal design and accessibility, and helps more people reach their full potential.

Attract New Talent

By offering an engaging and accessible corporate training solution you attract the best of the best and help them grow and thrive.

Promote Your Brand

When creating courses becomes effortless you can share more of the corporate knowledge with the public, and enforce your brand and position as thought leader.

Reuse Your Earlier Work

Have you already invested a lot of time and effort into online courses, blogs, recordings, or PDFs? No worries, you can reuse all of them!


You've spent days or weeks making a glorious PDF or White Paper, but nobody reads it. Simply upload it to Atlas Primer and share it as a course instead.


Give Atlas Primer an audio or video recording, and it will seamlessly turn it into a complete course.

Blog Posts

You've already invested time capturing valuable insights in your blog. Now you can give Atlas Primer the link to it or copy the text directly, and it will turn it into an engaging learning experience.


Upload your slides and Atlas Primer will extract the text and describe the visuals and charts in human language. Then it turns them into a course and delivers it on your behalf.

This is how Atlas Primer helps learners succeed

Atlas Primer helps more people reach their learning goals through interactive audio learning.

Audio and Voice

Learning by listening and speaking rather than always looking at a screen.

Effective learning

Atlas Primer identifies key concepts and structures them for learning.

Better experience

Interactive lectures, quizzes, flashcards, and answers, delivered by an AI.

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