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Pioneering a new way of learning


Create your own personal learning environment and converse with an A.I. assistant about any subject, in natural spoken language.

Happy learning!

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Audio & conversations
Turn any text to speech and listen anywhere. Converse about any subject with your personal A.I. assistant, in natural spoken language.

Inclusive environment
Audio learning material and reduced reliance on excessive reading and screens, translates into a more inclusive and individualized learning.

Better experience
Lectures, quizzes, and flashcards, delivered as audio and made available conversationally. Like tutoring, except it's always available and affordable.

Our users are experiencing a big difference

Increase in efficiency with audio compared to reading.

90 minutes
Added daily learning time
with the freedom to learn anywhere.

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Atlas Primer increases my knowledge of the curriculum and I make better use of my time. Being able to learn while doing things around the house is amazing.


Matthildur Jóna


Ready to join the future of learning?


More learner benefits

IMG Individualized learning environment

Everyone does better with a personal assistant. Atlas Primer adopts the learning environment to your schedule and learning
preferences. Students with Dyslexia are able to interact with the
learning material, using natural spoken language.

IMG Learn anywhere

We bring the learning environment to you, as opposed to forcing
you into ours. Go through the course material, take quizzes, and ask questions wherever you are, whenever it suits you.

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Image by George Bakos
Image by Jason Briscoe

IMG More flexibility

We all have our individual preferences; reading a lot of text isn't for everyone, neither is spending much time sitting, and some always lose focus during lectures. Take your learning environment with you and enjoy more freedomin the type of material you consume.

IMG Less screen time

Break free of the screen and continue learning while going for a
walk, exercising, or making lunch. Don't be confined to a screen
when your hands and eyes could be engaged in something more

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Thanks to our generous supporters!

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