Add a Digital Teaching Assistant to any course

and create an inclusive learning environment.

With Atlas Primer you adapt the learning environment to the needs of the learner, instead of adapting the learner to the environment. Atlas Primer assists learners though a natural spoken language interface, and is available anywhere and at anytime.

Conversation & audio

Learners can converse about the subject, without human involvement. Courses are delivered as audio with no need for excessive text, screen-time, or manual intervention.

More inclusive

Atlas Primer does not rely on screens and reaches over a Billion devices ranging from laptops to headphones to cars, in other words, wherever your learners are.

Better experience

Lectures, quizzes, FAQs and learning games, available conversationally through audio, making it more like tutoring, except that it's everywhere and always available.

Where would you like to start?

See what Atlas Primer can do for you ...


Instructors click here >

Getting started as instructor



Visit to create a course and add lectures, quizzes, FAQs and learning games.



Easily share an invitation with your students. We'll provide the instructions for them on how to start.



We'll tell you how your learners are doing and what questions they're asking.

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Learners click here >

Getting started as learner


Open Atlas Primer

Say "Alexa, open Atlas Primer" or

"Hey Google, open Atlas Primer"

Don't have them? Get them now:

Alexa for iOS / Android

Google Assistant for iOS / Android


Open course

In Atlas Primer, say "search" and then say the course code your instructor shared with you. It will have you started in no time.



Learn, grow and live without being restrained to the screen.


Atlas Primer is a great companion when exercising, commuting or just doing stuff at home.


Matthildur Jóna student

Atlas Primer increases my knowledge of the curriculum and I make better use of my time. Being able to learn while doing things around the house is amazing.

Helgi Kristjánsson student

The value of Atlas Primer comes from it serving as a student's personal assistant. Atlas Primer is a logical step towards a more modern learning environment.

Birna Fjóla student

One of the features I've benefited from is being able to listen to a lecture while driving, and then go straight to the quiz without ever touching my phone, but only by speaking to it.


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