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Atlas Primer supplements teachers by automating many of their most repetitive and unproductive task. It directs students to relevant learning material, quiz them and answer questions about the subject.

This means the teacher has more time to develop the curriculum and assist students.


Atlas Primer was created to improve learning by utilizing the latest technology to automate cumbersome tasks. It's co-developed with leading experts in Pedagogy.


Teachers can easilly upload their material, have it imported from the LMS, or create it themselves through our education admin console.


We aim at making the whole experience as enjoyable as possible for teachers and students, without relaxing any academic or quality requirements.


We've embraced data analytics and provide information and statistics about student usage, retention and performance.

Matthildur Jóna

Student at Reykjavik University

Atlas Primer increases my knowledge of the curriculum and I make better use of my time. Being able to learn while doing things around the house is amazing.

Helgi Kristjánsson

Student at Reykjavik University

The value of Atlas Primer comes from it serving as a student's personal assistant. Atlas Primer is a logical step towards a more modern learning environment.

Birna Fjóla

Student at Reykjavik University

One of the features I've benefited from is being able to listen to a lecture while driving, and then go straight to the quiz without ever touching my phone, but only by speaking to it.

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What we do

Atlas Primer aims at helping students by engaging them in lectures and textbooks as well as other related material such as websites and podcast.

It directs students to recorded lectures and material made by the teacher and other authoritative sources but fills in with its own voice when answering questions or delivering dynamic content, to allow for a full conversational experience.

Atlas Primer can quiz students on the subject, and has a wide variety of question forms available that teachers can choose from.

Students can then ask it questions to obtain definitions of terms used in the course literature.

Meanwhile, while it engages the students in the curriculum, the teacher has time to create new and interesting projects, gather real-life examples of applications of the theory, and work closely with students to solve actual problems.

How we do it

Using Natural Language Processing and a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, Atlas Primer understand student's intent and allows them to interact with each other, using voice only.

By leveraging the power of smart devices, it becomes accessible through Smartphones, Headphones, Speakers, TVs, Displays and more, even some Cars.

These two qualities combined, allow students to be submerged in their courses, even while their eyes and hands are otherwise engaged.

This allows them to interact with their learning material while exercising, cooking, commuting or going about their day.

Why it's important

The world has changed and technology is now everywhere. Today's students are raised with unprecedented access to information and on-demand entertainment.

Confining them to classroom- or video-lectures, goes against every major force behind Society's progression towards a more flexible, individualized and service-oriented future.


Instead of forcing the students into lectures, Atlas Primer brings the classroom to them, making the whole experience considerably more enjoyable, effective and personalized.

When students have access to a Learning Assistant that doesn't get tired and is always available, it helps them gain confidence in their knowledge of the curriculum as they can visit and revisit, every part of the material as often as they want and ask questions about it.

That includes material such as the lectures, textbooks, quizzes and flashcards, all in one place and always available.

From an organizational perspective, Atlas Primer can also accommodate larger classes while keeping the quality of education intact - perhaps even improving it - and helping teachers make better use of their time, using automation and smart devices.


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