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Add a Digital Learning Assistant
to any course and create an
inclusive learning environment.

With Atlas Primer you adapt the learning environment to the needs of the learner,
instead of adapting the learner to the environment. Atlas Primer assists learners
through a natural spoken language interface, and is available anywhere and at anytime

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Conversation & audio
Learners can turn any text to speech and converse about the subject, without human involvement. Courses can be delivered as audio with no need for excessive text or screen-time.

More inclusive
Atlas Primer does not rely on screens
and reaches over a Billion devices
ranging from laptops to headphones
to cars, in other words, wherever your
learners are.

Better experience
Lectures, quizzes, FAQs and learning
games, available conversationally
through audio, making it more like
tutoring, except it's everywhere and always available.

Where would
you like to start?

We'll help you get started. Just tell us how we can best meet your needs.

I'm an instructor

I want to add a Digital Teaching Assistant to my course.

Learn More

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I'm a learner

I want to be able to learn anywhere I go.

Learn More

Getting started as instructor

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Visit to create a course, add lectures, quizzes, FAQs and learning games

We provide all the instructions your learners needs and allow you to share the course with just a click.

We'll tell you how your learners are doing and what questions they're asking.

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Instructor benefits

IMG Easier to start, add and make revisions

Stop worrying about creating slides, the right lighting, background, clothes, makeup etc. Simply record the audio when and where the inspiration hits you. Just thought of something to share with the learners? Just add lecture snippets or revise old ones with minimum effort.

IMG More reach and wider audience on any device

Be where your learners are, also when they're away from the screen, and make your course available on over a Billion devices.

IMG More automation

Have Atlas Primer deliver your material, quiz the learners, and
answer questions, allowing you to make better use of your time.


IMG Better insights

We’ll deliver regular insights into how your learners are doing and what questions they’re asking, so you can make improvements that matter.

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Getting started as learner

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Open Atlas Primer
Using your favorite Assistant, say

"Alexa, open Atlas Primer" or

"Hey Google, open Atlas Primer"

Open course

In Atlas Primer, say "search" and then say the course code your instructor shared with you. It will have you started in no time.


Learn, grow and live without being restrained to the screen. Atlas Primer is a great companion when exercising, commuting or just doing stuff at home.

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Learner benefits

IMG Individualized learning environment

Everyone does better with a personal assistant. Atlas Primer adopts the learning environment to your schedule and learning
preferences. Students with Dyslexia are able to interact with the
learning material, using natural spoken language.

IMG Learn anywhere

We bring the learning environment to you, as opposed to forcing
you into ours. Go through the course material, take quizzes, and ask questions wherever you are, whenever it suits you.

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IMG More flexibility

We all have our individual preferences; reading a lot of text isn't for everyone, neither is spending much time sitting, and some always lose focus during lectures. Take your learning environment with you and enjoy more freedomin the type of material you consume.

IMG Less screen time

Break free of the screen and continue learning while going for a
walk, exercising, or making lunch. Don't be confined to a screen
when your hands and eyes could be engaged in something more

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Atlas Primer increases my knowledge of the curriculum and I make better use of my time. Being able to learn while doing things around the house is amazing.


Matthildur Jóna


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