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Learn while listening instead of reading

Turn any Learning Material to Audio and Learn Anywhere and Anytime

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All of your reading material accessible wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

Audio and Voice

Turn text to speech and listen rather than having to read or rely on always looking at a screen.

Inclusive environment

Learning material delivered through audio, results in a more flexible learning environment.

Better experience

Lectures, quizzes, and flashcards, delivered by a virtual learning assistant to give you a personal tutor that is always available.

Our users are experiencing a big difference

90 minutes
Added daily learning time
with the freedom to learn anywhere.

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Increase in efficiency of getting through their learning with audio compared to reading.



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Natural language search

Upload your documents and websites and ask questions about them in natural spoken language.

Listen to your documents

Convert any document into an audio learning resource you can listen to from our app.
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Audio summaries

Review your learning content through short summaries that give you the main context of a text.


Get your questions answered and boost your creativity with an AI tutor.

Take audio quizzes

Create and take audio quizzes to test and improve your knowledge.

Transcribe your notes

Create notes while on the go or record and save any thoughts you may have 

User Testimonials

Atlas Primer increases my knowledge of the curriculum and I make better use of my time. Being able to learn while doing things around the house is amazing.


Matthildur Jóna



Thanks to our generous supporters!

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We're available on iOS and Android

Make your breaks and commutes more productive with our iPhone and Android apps.

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