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Create, Record and Share a Course in Minutes


Turn Content into Engagement with Atlas Primer


Record Your Speech or Upload Existing Materials

Talk about something new or reuse existing files, slides or recordings.


Our AI Turns It Into A Complete Course While You Relax

Atlas Primer creates a course structure for you, and all the lectures, quizzes etc.


Atlas Primer Helps You With Sharing, Marketing & Selling

You get a unique link and QR code for your course, and Atlas Primer helps you sell it.

Saving Time and Money


Planning and preparation

Recording process

Post production

Sales materials

Time commitment

Return on investment (ROI)

The Old Way

Expensive and time consuming

Expensive audio and video recording equipment, even background props.

Create course outline, structure, lecture transcripts, slides, quizzes.

Be on camera, go through slides, do multiple takes.

Edit, compress, and export in specific formats.

Create posts and images for multiple platforms.

Days or weeks, and revisions require the same effort.

High investment in time, effort. Very expensive to start. High risk of no ROI.

Atlas Primer

No upfront cost and extremely fast

Use your existing laptop or smartphone


Record your speech or upload existing materials


Coming soon!

Automatically generated


Low investment in time and effort. FREE to start. Maximum chance of ROI.

Other course platforms require too much work! See an example of Udemy's course creation process below, and how Atlas Primer drastically improves it ...

Atlas Primer vs Leading Platform.png

Atlas Primer is your Unfair Advantage

Talk About Anything

What unique experiences and perspectives do you have? Relax, and tell Atlas Primer all about it. Someone out there might be looking to learn about exactly that!

Reuse Your Earlier Work

Did you already talk about the subject in a blog post, recording, document, or slides? Don't worry, just upload it to Atlas Primer, and it turns it into a complete course.

Atlas Primer Structures It

Our state-of-the-art platform automatically creates a professional course structure, engaging lectures, quizzes and flashcards.

Coming soon!

Sell Your Courses

Atlas Primer helps you sell your courses by giving you advice and creating marketing materials that you can share. You can even personalize your course catalog to reflect your own brand.

Offload Yourself

Atlas Primer engages your learners in conversation on your behalf. They can ask any question and the answers only come from your original input.

FREE to Start

Creating a course is completely free and we split the sales revenue. As you grow, you can switch to a subscription and keep more of the revenue for yourself.

Reuse Your Earlier Work

Have you already invested a lot of time and effort into blogs, recordings, or PDFs? No worries, you can reuse all of them!


You've spent days or weeks making a glorious PDF or White Paper, but nobody reads it. Simply upload it to Atlas Primer and share it as a course instead.


Give Atlas Primer an audio or video recording, and it will seamlessly turn it into a complete course.

Blog Posts

Give Atlas Primer the link to your post or copy the text directly, and it will use that as a foundation for your new course.


Upload your slides and Atlas Primer will turn them into an engaging course.

This is how Atlas Primer helps learners succeed

Atlas Primer helps more people reach their learning goals through interactive audio learning.

Audio and Voice

Learning by listening and speaking rather than always looking at a screen.

Effective learning

Atlas Primer identifies key concepts and structures them for learning.

Better experience

Interactive lectures, quizzes, flashcards, and answers delivered by an AI.


Start Now - We're available on Web and Mobile

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