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With summaries, you can quickly get a short version of any article or document, so you can stay informed without spending hours reading.

How summaries works:

1. Upload

2. Click Summarize

3. Listen

The Three Little Pigs

1. Upload the story
Read it here

2. Click Summarize

3. Listen to the summary.
Listen here

Atlas Primer detects the key points and returns them to you in a summary that is 90% shorter, but still captures the essence of the content.

Download the app and try summaries for yourself

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Why use summaries?


Get to the most important information quicker

Get the main message.

Identifying key points and themes.

Reduce the risk of information overload.


Get informed about a breadth of knowledge with less effort

Stay informed about a wide range of topics.

Improve productivity and process large amounts of information.

Simplify the process of staying up-to-date with the latest information.


Easily refresh what you already know

Improve reading comprehension and reinforce main points.

Quickly review documents and reports for work or school.

Inform your decision-making processes.

As part of the Atlas Primer learning ecosystem summaries get a new breath of life


Listen to the summaries while on the move

Listen to the summaries wherever you are


Interact with the text with natural spoken language

Naturally speak and interact with the resources you have.


Share your summaries with others

Easily share summaries with friends.

Download the app and try summaries for yourself

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