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Use Atlas Primer to talk through new ideas, processes and learn new ways of tackling the challenges that you may face.

How brainstorm works:

1. Swipe left & select Learning Tools

2. Open Brainstorm

3. Ask questions

Download the app and try brainstorm for yourself

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Why use brainstorm?


Enhanced learning

Boost your understanding of a concept through a conversational interaction.

Ask any question you like and explore the subject on your own terms.


Always there and ready to support you

It’s always available when you need it, and never get’s tired of repeated questions.


Save and listen later

You can save all your Brainstorm sessions as audio, and listen to them later.

Examples and question cases:

Have a look at some of the cases where we found users use brainstorm to boost their creativity and learning

"Romeo and Juliet" is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare in the late 16th century about two young lovers from feuding families who ultimately take their own lives. It is considered one of Shakespeare's most popular and enduring plays. Can you tell me what themes are present in the play?

What do you know about “Romeo and Juliet”?


As part of the Atlas Primer learning ecosystem brainstorm gets a voice ( ... and legs)


Listen to brainstorm while on the move

Listen to the brainstorm wherever you are.


Interact with the text with natural spoken language

Naturally speak and interact with the AI tutor.


Share your brainstorms with others

Easily share brainstorms with friends.

Download the app and try brainstorm for yourself

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