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The Story of Atlas Primer


Atlas Primer was founded in 2019 by Hinrik Jósafat Atlason to spearhead the introduction of Natural Language Learning Assistants into the Education Sector.

The Education Sector was due for a big change and Voice Assistants were becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of more advanced tasks.

Due to a dedicated initial team, the road from conception to product only took about two months and Atlas Primer version 1.0 became a reality in the summer of 2019.

From there on, things started happening even faster.

Later in the year 2019, Atlas Primer version 2.0 was deployed as a Learning Assistant in one course in The School of Business at Reykjavik University, with generous support from the University.

Being both digital and personal, Atlas Primer quickly gained some acclaim among the students and all measurements seemed to point in only one direction; this approach to learning benefits both teacher and students.

The following semester, in the spring of 2020, much work had taken place to create Atlas Primer version 3.0, which was then employed in even more courses at Reykjavik University.

The team started growing quickly at this point and soon comprised individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, but all with excellent track records and an eagerness to contribute.

Atlas Primer became available to selected customers while work continued on building out the back-end and forging strategic partnerships.

In the fall of 2020, Atlas Primer Bifrost became a publicly available Natural Language Learning Assistant, quickly spreading to Universities around Europe and the US.

The headquarters in Reykjavik provided an excellent location from which to serve customers in Europe and on the East coast of the US but in the year 2021, the main office was complimented by a new branch in California.

The new branch allowed them to serve their US clients even better, and enabled the company to explore with vigor, any possible alignments and partnerships with other tech companies in the area, not to mention giving it access to the enormous talent pool, that the area produces and attracts.

Because of how well Atlas Primer suited societies where development was so fast, that people skipped using laptops almost all together and went straight to mobile devices, Atlas Primer branched out to China in 2022.


There Atlas Primer established a development hub in Shenzhen to better serve South and East Asia, and to participate in the extraordinary Artificial Intelligence advancements the Chinese scientists were making at that time.

The year 2022 also marked the birth of Atlas Primer Midgard as the first global and language fluent version, making personalized quality education available to most of the world's population, almost regardless of their means and location.

The year 2025 saw Atlas Primer reach its goal of having assisted learners on every continent on Earth. That milestone concluded the genesis phase of Atlas Primer, and made way for a new chapter, the Atlas Primer Yggdrasil.

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