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About Us

Our team has decades of experience in both Education and Technology. We know how to teach, and how to learn, how to create and how to innovate.

Our goal


Atlas Primer was founded on the vision of creating a learning environment that combined the accessibility and convenience of audiobooks and podcasts, with the interactivity and flexibility offered by voice assistants and smart devices.

The primary goal of Atlas Primer is to increase the availability of quality education through the use of technology, by increasing access, usability and automation. Our approach allows the creation of interactive learning environments with even the simplest of devices and in the most remote locations.

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Core Team

Awolad painting.jpg

Awolad Hossain


Andriy painting.jpg

Andriy Babiy


Hinrik painting.jpg

Hinrik Josafat Atlason

CEO, Founder

Kathya painting.jpg

Kathya Sarria Campbell

Voice UI

Jake painting.jpg

Jake Zeledon

Voice Developer

Mainul painting.jpg

Mainul Hossain

Lead Mobile Developer

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